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No one imagines they will be hit by a car when crossing the street or going outside for a walk.

Unfortunately, these devastating accidents happen more often than most people think. Pedestrian accidents commonly occur in situations where the pedestrian had the right of way and a driver acted negligently.

If you suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident, you might be experiencing pain, anxiety, and stress.

Your injuries might make it impossible to work while your financial obligations continue to pile up.

Charlotte pedestrian accident attorneys are dedicated to protecting your rights and work to get you the compensation you need to move forward.  

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents 

Pedestrians suffer serious injuries and death every day due to preventable pedestrian accidents. In 2019, there were 15,980 pedestrian accidents in North Carolina.

Understanding the common causes of pedestrian accidents may not guarantee your safety, but it may help you recognize warning signs that can keep you out of harm’s way. 

Distracted Driving 

A person is distracted when they undertake the following acts while driving: 

  • Talking or texting on their phone, 
  • Adjusting the radio station,
  • Eating, 
  • Engaging with passengers in the car, or 
  • Updating their GPS while driving. 

Any activity that takes a driver’s attention away from the road, even for a second, can have devastating consequences.

Your attorney will investigate whether distracted driving was the cause of your pedestrian accident to prove the driver’s liability. 


Drivers who exceed the speed limit increase their chances of being involved in a pedestrian accident. The faster a car travels, the longer it takes to stop.

If a pedestrian appears in a roadway, a speeding driver may find it impossible to stop in time, even if they slam on the brakes. 

Failing to Yield 

When a pedestrian enters a crosswalk, drivers are required to stop and let the pedestrian pass.

Unfortunately, many drivers fail to yield and hit pedestrians. These accidents are rarely the pedestrian’s fault. 

Failure to Obey 

When drivers fail to obey traffic signs or signals, they put pedestrians at risk. If a motorist attempts to beat a red light through an intersection, a driver may strike a pedestrian who is trying to cross the street. 

Failing to Signal 

Car signals allow drivers to communicate with others while out on the road. When drivers fail to signal, they don’t let others know that they intend to change lanes or make a turn.

For example, when a driver fails to signal, a pedestrian may believe the driver intends to go straight.

However, if the driver suddenly makes a right turn, they may catch the pedestrian unaware and hit them as they cross the street.  

Impaired Driving 

Anyone who drives while under the influence of drugs or alcohol puts everyone around them at risk.

Drugs and alcohol impair a driver’s vision, cognitive function, and reaction time, making it more likely the driver will cause a collision. 

You deserve to recover compensation for your injuries. However, it’s vital to establish the liability of the driver to succeed.

The best Charlotte pedestrian accident lawyer understands the importance of thoroughly investigating the cause of your accident to strengthen your case and help you obtain the best possible outcome. 

What To Do If You’re Hit By A Car As A Pedestrian 

A pedestrian accident is a traumatizing experience. Knowing what to do immediately after an accident is crucial to protecting your rights in any potential lawsuit.

Unfortunately, many pedestrians don’t know the steps they should take after an accident.

If you were in a pedestrian accident, you might have also suffered serious injuries requiring immediate medical attention.

Only if you can do so safely, undertake the following actions after being in an accident: 

  1. Check for injuries. Look yourself over and assess whether you are suffering from any obvious injuries. If you believe you are hurt, do not move. Only move and complete the next steps if you can do so safely and without harming yourself further. 
  2. Call 911. Always call 911 after a pedestrian accident. Emergency medical personnel and law enforcement officers will report to the scene to provide medical aid and begin an investigation into the accident. Reporting officers create an accident report detailing useful facts that can be used by your Charlotte pedestrian accident lawyer. 
  3. Obtain medical care. Even if you believe you are injury-free, seek medical attention anyway. Many medical issues, including severe issues like internal bleeding, may only be evident to you hours, days, or even weeks after an accident. Charlotte pedestrian accident attorneys use your medical records to calculate a value for your case. 
  4. Gather the driver’s information. If you can do so without further harming yourself or others, obtain the name, contact information, and insurance details of the driver who hit you. If you cannot get this information at the scene, these details will also be in the police accident report. 
  5. Document the scene. Take photographs of the scene, the vehicles involved, your injuries, and other relevant parts of the accident scene. Take as many photos as you can. Get the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident. It’s also important to write down your recollection of the events before, during, and after the accident as soon as you can. 
  6. Call a lawyer. Contact a Charlotte pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible. You deserve to have someone on your side fighting for fair compensation on your behalf. 

It may seem impossible to have the clarity of mind to remember these steps in the minutes following a pedestrian accident.

However, completing these steps helps the best Charlotte pedestrian accident attorney immediately access evidence they will use to support your claim.  

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