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If the pandemic has demonstrated anything, it’s shown us who is an essential worker and who isn’t.

One of those groups of essential workers that are important to the smooth running of our society is air transportation workers.

Our society and economy rely heavily on the airline industry and its employees. Without them, our country would basically shut down.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure air transportation workers like ramp workers are protected when they’re injured on the job.

This post discusses airport ramp workers’ common injuries and what you should do if you’ve been injured while on the job working for the airline industry. 

Common Airport Ramp Worker Injuries

Ramp safety is very important due to the number of injuries at the airport ramp that occur.

Ramp worker injuries can be very serious and include significant injuries, even death. Ramp workers have a very dangerous job.

A recent study indicated the types of common airport grounds crew accidents and injuries:

  • Slips, trips, and falls were 40.3% of accidents;
  • Lifting and carrying injuries were 20.4% of accidents; 
  • Machinery accidents, such as baggage handling vehicles were 18.7% of accidents;
  • Work transport accidents were 12.8% of accidents; and 
  • Physical and chemical exposures were 7.5% of accidents.

Obviously, having to work outside on the ramp during adverse weather is a huge factor in the most common ramp injuries, which are slip and fall injuries.

Accumulation of snow and ice can increase the risk of slipping and falling, especially while doing the physical labor ramp aviation work requires.

Broken bones and head injuries could easily occur.

These happen during the baggage loading and unloading process, all of which occur outside in the weather.

Employees in these areas also risk injury from being struck by vehicles and baggage handling devices. There is also an increased risk of hearing loss from excessive noise from the planes’ engines.

What To Do If Injured as a Ramp Worker?

If you are a ramp worker in the airline industry and believe you have been injured by an airport ramp accident, you may be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. 

Report the Injury

If your supervisor does not already know of the incident, make sure that it is reported. But that’s not the end of it.

Telling your supervisor is one thing, but you also need to make sure an incident report is filled out and properly filed with the workers’ compensation insurance company. 

Contact Your Union

If you know who your local union representative is, make sure that person is informed of the incident as well.

There could be specific procedures spelled out in the union contract where the union rep gets involved with the investigation of the claim as well. 

Seek Medical Care

You should also immediately seek medical treatment. Your employer won’t just rely upon your word that you were injured.

The injury has to be supported by findings and the opinion of a medical doctor. Your employer may have a list of doctors that they want you to use. 

Think About a Lawyer

Most North Carolina workers’ comp cases resolve themselves fairly quickly.

A ramp worker gets hurt, gets treatment, then gets better, and returns to work. But sometimes the incidents are more complicated than that.

Sometimes the work injury claim is disputed by the employer or the workers’ compensation insurance company.

Sometimes they agree a work injury occurred, but don’t agree on the level of disability. Many things could go wrong.

That’s why you need to contact a skilled and knowledgeable North Carolina workers’ comp lawyer. 

What Can a Workers’ Comp Lawyer Do For Me?

Without a good North Carolina workers’ comp lawyer on your side, you won’t know if your airport or airline employer is treating you fairly.

Have they agreed to pay all of your medical bills? Have they begun paying you the appropriate weekly wage loss benefits? Have they calculated the correct amount to pay you?

You need someone on your side who will review everything, answer your questions, and fight for your rights to get the benefits you deserve.

Contact a North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you need help with your airport ramp accident claim, we are only a quick phone call away.

The North Carolina workers’ comp lawyers at Mehta & McConnell have been successfully handling workers’ compensation claims for over 30 years.

There is no harm in contacting us to make sure your employer is treating you fairly.

Contact Mehta & McConnell today to schedule an initial consultation to learn more about how we can assist you.

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