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Our work environments can often be filled with hidden dangers. In this article, our North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers will discuss some of the most common workplace injuries, many of which may not be as obvious as you may think.

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Lifting Injuries

One of the easiest ways to become injured at work is by lifting heavy objects. 

Your job may require you to lift things as a normal activity, or very rarely. However, injuries caused by lifting may be compensable in either case.

Overuse Injuries

Other injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tenosynovitis, or other similar injuries to the ligaments and tendons and soft tissues, may be caused by overuse or repetitive use of the same body part. 

Overuse or repetitive motion injuries can be compensable in North Carolina if the work environment exposes the worker to a higher risk of the development of these conditions than would otherwise be found in the everyday environment.


Slips, trips, and falls are not uncommon in the workplace. They may be caused by a temporary hazard, such as a puddle of water in a bathroom or break room, or simply an unexplained stumble. 

In North Carolina, slips, trips and falls can be compensable if they are caused by a condition of the workplace, or if the reason for the fall is unexplained.

Falls from Heights

Many occupations in North Carolina, whether in the construction fields or in manufacturing and warehousing employment, require workers to work on ladders and other types of elevated platforms. 

Falls from heights can be devastating, resulting in multiple, serious injuries. These types of accidents and resulting injuries are compensable in North Carolina, regardless of the fault of the employee involved.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Although accidents during our daily commutes are not typically compensable, motor vehicle accidents that arise while we are performing duties necessary to our employer can be. 

If your job requires you to operate a motor vehicle, as a delivery driver perhaps, or to visit customers of your employer, accidents that occur in those cases can be compensable.

Cuts and Lacerations

Many manufacturing jobs require individuals to operate machinery and tools that can cause lacerations to the hands and other body parts. 

Whether relatively minor or requiring stitches to repair, these injuries can be compensable in North Carolina. Furthermore, the scarring that results from such injuries may also entitle the injured worker to compensation.

Inhaling Harmful Fumes/Toxic Substances

Many manufacturing environments can be dusty and dirty places. Poor ventilation and the lack of requirements for personal protective equipment can create situations where individuals may become sick from inhaling harmful substances. 

Whether such conditions arise over time, or suddenly from a one-time exposure, these common workplace injuries can be compensable in North Carolina.

Exposure to Loud Noise

Similar to instances of inhaling harmful or toxic substances, many workplaces, whether enclosed manufacturing facilities or outdoor construction sites, can be places where constant high volumes of noise are encountered. 

Over time, even with the use of personal protective hearing equipment, some hearing loss may occur.  These types of situations are often compensable in North Carolina.

Burns (from open flames, hot equipment, negligence of other co-workers)

Whether you are working around hot equipment in a manufacturing facility, or as a cook in a commercial kitchen, or as a mechanic at an auto dealership, burns are often routine injuries experienced in the work environment. 

Burn injuries can be more severe than initially anticipated and can lead to permanent scarring and even nerve damage.  It is important that injured workers be compensated for these types of injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

These types of injuries can be difficult to diagnose and treat. Often, employers question the severity of these types of work injuries, and recovery can take months or even years. 

It is important that workers suffering from Traumatic Brain or closed head injuries seek treatment from the proper medical specialists in order to fully diagnose and treat their conditions. These types of injuries are often initially denied by employers and may require significant litigation before the injured worker is fairly compensated.

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